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Join us and save money on ‘premium’ WordPress Themes and Plugins!

WordPress was created to be free for all its users and even though it runs something like 24% of all the websites in the world, it’s still free today. At least in theory. While the creators of WordPress created and run it as free software, many plugin and theme developers (quite reasonably) prefer to sell their work rather than give it away for free. So while WordPress is free, the reality is that it can be expensive to create and maintain a WordPress website.

But did you know that the vast majority of the premium WordPress themes and plugins which developers sell are supplied to you with a GPL license? And, did you know that a GPL license means that once you download a theme or plugin, you can use, customise and even share it with your friends if you wish? Well, you can, even if theme and plugin developers don’t like it.

So, we created WP Depository. As a member of WP Depository you will be free to download any of the premium WordPress themes and Plugins that we share with our members. All the themes and plugins in the depository are GPL License products.

Why Join?

WordPress can be expensive

How much does it cost to build a WordPress website these days? Well,  you’ll probably pay around $60 for a modern premium theme. Add a decent contact form, something for custom posts, security and seo plugins, image sliders and galleries, membership plugins, and so on, and it starts to get expensive. If you are planning to build a website with an online store, life starts to get even more expensive.  Depending on what you want your shop to offer, and therefore what plugins you need, you’ll be looking at several hundred dollars a year as a minimum, with annual plugin costs of $1500 easily reached in the case of serious stores.

Interested in reducing your costs?

Membership of WPDepository costs just $85 a year and allows you to access and download any of the premium WordPress plugins and themes listed in our download library.

You can do the maths!

Become a Member

Reasons to join us

The simple and obvious reason to become a member of WP Depository is to save money. Members can download commercial WordPress plugins and themes that would otherwise cost way, way more than our membership fee. All the plugins and themes we share with our members have GPL licenses which means you can use, modify and even share them with your friends if you want. The files are of course totally standard, unmodified, and kept up to date.

Things to consider

We are not the authors of any of the themes or plugins we share with members, nor are we associated with them or their companies. For this reason, we do not offer any form of support for the plugins or themes. If you are not confident of being able to set up a theme or plugin without author support, you should buy the items directly from the authors. Most authors provide either 6 or 12 month’s support for new purchases. Of course, if you’re already familiar with WordPress and don’t mind looking for answers to questions on Google, this shouldn’t be an issue.

All the themes and plugins in our download library are kept updated. We check for updates 3 days a week, and any themes or plugins which have been updated are listed on our ‘this week’s updates’ page, for convenience.

Manual Updates – In most cases, if you buy a theme or plugin from a developer you can choose to ‘auto-update’ when new versions are available. If you download a theme or plugin from our library you need to manually install it as automatic updates (which come from the developer) will not be available.