Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Become a member of WPDepository and save hundreds of dollars on premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. Our download libraries include some of most popular WordPress Plugins and Themes on the market, yet our ‘All Access’ annual membership costs only $65 a year!

Benefits of Membership

WPDepository subscribers have on-demand download access to more than 1200 Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. If you’re only interested in WordPress Themes, or only want access to our WordPress Plugins library, our “All Plugins” and “All Themes” memberships provide access to our theme or plugin libraries for just $40 a year, all-inclusive! Of course, the best value for most users is our ‘All Access’ membership, giving you 12 month’s access to all Themes and Plugins for just $65 a year, probably the best value offer you’ll ever find!

WordPress websites can be expensive

Did you know that something like 24% of all the websites in the world are WordPress websites, or that WordPress was created to be entirely free, for everybody? Well it’s true, and WordPress itself is still free. There are even free themes and plugins available in the WordPress Repositories, but the best themes and plugins are ‘premium’ and have to be paid for. The reality is that whilst WordPress is free, by the time you’ve paid for a theme and a couple of plugins, building a WordPress website can become quite expensive. But you probably know that already.

But did you know that the vast majority of the premium WordPress themes and plugins which developers sell are supplied to you with a GPL license? And did you know that a GPL license means that once you download a theme or plugin, you can use, customise and even share it with your friends if you wish? Well, you can, even if theme and plugin developers don’t like it.

We created WPDepository to take advantage of the GPL licence, to share the costs of themes and plugins by sharing them with you at a much more affordable cost. We’ll never get rich doing this, but we will help you reduce the cost of building your next WordPress website!

Plugin Bundles

Plugin Bundles

WPDepository was built to allow members unfettered access to whatever and however many themes and plugins they needed. Reselling individual themes or plugins just doesn’t make any sense. However, we know that some people only use our site to download the basic tools they want for their site, so in addition to our standard download subscriptions we also have a few convenient ‘plugin bundles’ for some of the most commonly purchased WordPress plugins. These deals include 12 months’ download access to the plugins listed in each bundle.

There is a bundle for Gravity Forms, probably the most popular premium WordPress form builder, including the core plugin and the most commonly purchased addons. In addition, we have bundles for the WPAll-Import and All-Export plugin collection, the best-selling Yoast SEO Premium plugin and addons, Easy Digital Downloads addons and, of course, Visual Composer.

Our ‘Essential Plugins’ collection is aimed at users who are building their first WordPress website and who want to save money on some of the most commonly-used plugins. The ‘Essential Plugins’ collection includes 8 of the most popular plugins on the market. If you’re not building an e-commerce website, this bundle probably includes all the plugins you’ll ever need. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars on regular selling prices!

Making it clear…

We sell membership and subscription packages which allow you to download WordPress Themes and Plugins. We do not sell or provide support for themes or plugins in any way. Plugins and themes that are downloaded from our libraries need to be manually updated – automatic updates are not available. This is because we do not include the ‘licence codes’ provided by authors or sellers which enable automatic updates and support are not included – we are not allowed to redistribute them. If you are likely to need support using themes or plugins we would recommend buying directly from the authors.

The above is why, if you’re happy to manually update your themes or plugins and don’t mind looking online for answers to any support questions you may have, our packages offer immense savings!