Why use WPDepository?

If you’ve been trying to work out how much it will cost you to create a WordPress website, you already know the answer. Joining WPDepository can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you buy WordPress themes from sites such as Themeforest, which is the largest theme marketplace, you’ll pay somewhere between $40-$80, depending on which theme you choose. Then you’ll need to pay for plugins. By the time you’ve chosen a pro form builder, SEO plugin, backup and security plugins you will have spent a couple of hundred dollars. If you plan to sell something from your website, you can easily spend $500-$1000 for the necessary plugins. Of course, if we all had plenty of money and the products were bug-free and came with lifetime support, nobody would mind. But we live on Earth, where none of that is true.

When you buy from an author or developer, you get support, help setting your products up. How much support and for how long, varies. Until fairly recently, when you bought a WordPress theme from ThemeForest your purchase price included one year’s support from the theme authors. In 2015 that included support was reduced to just 6 months. To get continued support, you need to pay for it. For those who need it, it’s another cost. That probably suits theme developers, but it’s not such a hot deal for normal buyers.

WordPress and GPL


After using WordPress for many years and suffering from the inexorably rising costs, we decided to create WPDepository. The site helps users by sharing the cost of the themes and plugins in our download libraries with all subscribing members. A choice of subscription deals allow you to download premium WordPress themes and plugins at a fraction of their normal prices. As an example, our most expensive subscription package is the ‘All Access‘ deal, which gives you access to well over 1200 premium WordPress plugins and themes, yet costs only $65, about the same as a single premium theme.

In simple terms, we pay to obtain themes and plugins, then share them with you, without the support and automatic update options. It’s that simple.

Don’t expect theme authors to recommend us!

We use the terms GPL licences to share plugins and themes with our members, and quite understandably, developers don’t like us doing it. Authors and developers on sites like ThemeForest, where the top selling theme has sold more than 220,000 copies at around $60 will say that sites such as this are immoral, might be passing viruses, trojans and God knows what else. They understandably prefer that you buy a new licence for each and every website you use their theme or plugin on and pay to renew your automatic updates and support every year. If you join our site, they lose those sales.

The themes and plugins in our download library are regularly updated. To check on theme or plugin version numbers, just click on the ‘Themes’ or ‘Plugins’ menu. If you find one that doesn’t show the latest version number feel free to drop us a line; we’ve probably just forgotten to adjust the version number to the page, but if we’ve missed an update we’ll fix it immediately.

Don’t buy from us if you need support!

If you don’t want to set up a theme or plugin without support, you should bite the bullet and buy the items directly from the authors. Most authors include 6 or 12 month’s support for new buyers. We are not the authors of the themes and plugins we share with members, nor are we associated with them in any way, so we don’t offer support for their products.