Common Questions

If you have any questions relating to WPDepository or our sales terms, etc, this simple FAQ should give you the answers you are looking for. We also have a Terms and Conditions page containing all the usual small print, which you can find here: Terms and Conditions

WPDepository are neither the authors or developers of the themes and plugins which we share with subscribers, nor are we connected with them. So that’s a no!

The basic concept employed by WPDepository is that we pay for themes and plugins and then share those costs by selling download subscriptions. We need to attract a lot of subscribers before we make a profit, but in the meantime members benefit even if we don’t! In many cases, we also use the themes and plugins on our own sites.

No. All the themes and plugins we share with our members are exactly as we received them, without any changes. This is not a scammy ‘warez’ site giving away infected ‘cracked’ or ‘nulled’ software but a commercial site, and altering products would be stupid business plan…

No. The licence keys provided by authors and developers allow one site to register for technical support and automatic updates for a specific period, typically 6 or 12 months. The licence keys are used to regulate this system and to ensure that you can’t get support or automatic updates beyond that paid-for period or on more than one site. We are not authorised to redistribute license keys with our downloads.

How does this affect me?

Your downloads don’t include licence keys, so whenever a theme or plugin has been updated and a new version is available, you will need to log in to your account here, download the item and manually install it on your site. It will take you about 2-3 minutes. It also means that you cannot register for product support from the developer.

If you want a license key so that you qualify for the limited-period support and automatic updates which the license would provide you with, you should buy your plugin or theme directly from the developer.

No.  As mentioned elsewhere, we are not the authors or developers of the WordPress plugins and themes we share with our members and, even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to offer such support. This site is aimed at users who can install and set up themes or plugins without needing support, or who don’t mind looking for answers to their questions on Google.

Our ‘All Access’ subscription has monthly, six-monthly and annual options, our ‘All themes’ and ‘All plugins’ options have monthly or annual options, and our plugin bundles are only available on annual subscriptions.

WordPress themes and plugins should always be kept up to date, and for this reason our site is focussed on offering best value to users who opt for 12-month subscriptions.

As soon as we update a theme or plugin, it is immediately available to logged-in members. We check for updates on a regular basis, usually 2-3 times a week, and update files in the download library immediately. Keeping something like 1500 items constantly updated is very time-consuming, so we don’t pretend to do it every day.

The plugins and themes that you download from us do not include license keys. These keys are only required to register for support or enable automatic updates and do not stop the theme or plugin from working. Most themes and plugins generate little ‘nag’ messages to remind users to enter their license keys in order to activate automatic updates, but they can be ignored. If it really bothers you, a quick search on Google will tell you how to disable these messages.

To cancel subscription payments, log in to your account and go to your ‘My Account’ page.  Click on the subscription and then hit the ‘Cancel’ button. This will cancel renewal payments on your account but will not affect your current paid-for subscription or access to the site. Your current subscription (and download access) will end automatically once your paid period expires.

No. Membership subscriptions to WPDepository are for membership of the site and to allow you to have immediate access to downloadable digital products, and not for returnable goods. We do not offer refunds for subscriptions.

Not at present, but we will be adding one in due course.

No. All the themes and plugins we share with members are original GPL licensed items, untouched by us. In any event, there is nothing to ‘null’ or ‘crack’ in genuine GPL products! That’s part of the point of GPL licenses.

If someone describes a piece of software as being ‘nulled’ they mean that they have removed security coding which would prevent it from working. However, the vast majority of themes and plugins don’t contain this type of code in the first place,  so can’t be ‘nulled’.  ‘Nulled’ products are generally used as bait by hackers, targeting naive web newcomers who don’t know better.

We have seen occasions where a downloaded zip file can’t be opened on a desktop pc with winzip and is flagged as defective. However, they can be opened without any problem by WinRar. We assume this has something to do with how the author packages the product in the first place. In any event, both type of zip file will open without issue when installed through WordPress or via cpanel.

To save money, is the short answer. The longer answer is below…

Our subscription packages allow you to download the themes and plugins that we share with our members for the duration of your choice. As an example, the cost for an annual ‘All Access’ membership is $65 a year. This allows you to download any of the themes and plugins in our libraries. There are currently well in excess of 1200 themes and plugins in our download libraries at the time of writing.

The themes in our library cost anywhere between $40 and $60 each if purchased individually from the authors. The plugins in our library cost anywhere between $30 and $299 if purchased individually from the authors.

We don’t offer any form of support and you cannot take advantage of automated updates.

If you buy themes and plugins from their authors or developers they will give you support for a limited time period and allow you to update your theme or plugin with a one-click update process. Obviously, you’ll need to pay to renew this support and for automated updates after your initial 6-12 month period.

Now work out the cost of the themes and plugins you are likely to want to use over the next 12 months.

A simple website with one premium theme and a half-dozen premium plugins might reasonably cost $350 if you buy them from the authors. An ecommerce website with a simple shop might cost $1000. The plugins used to run this site would cost you $990 (including a couple of plugins that aren’t used front-end).

The cost of a single premium theme from Themeforest is about the same as a year’s subscription to our site.

It’s really just a question of how much you want to spend buying themes and plugins, and your confidence to use them without author support.