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If you are not yet a subscribing member of WPDepository and have questions you’d like to ask, please use the form below. We cannot guarantee to answer questions immediately but will do so as soon as we can. If you are an existing member, please log into your account and use the contact form shown under ‘My Account’ for a priority response.

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Problems using a new account?

If you are contacting us because you are having difficulties accessing your account – if you make too many mistakes while trying to log in your account may have been locked out by our security features –  be sure to include your login username in your message so that we can resolve the issue. Please note that you must type the security password on the login form exactly as shown.

If you have paid for a subscription via Paypal, asking Paypal to make the payment via funds drawn from a bank account rather than a card, your account will show as being processed or pending until such time as Paypal actually make the payment to us. This usually takes 3-7 days, and is quite normal. If you made a payment by other means and your account is shown as pending, please include the Paypal transaction number and your username in your message so that we can manually check it.