WordPress Themes – BeTheme

BeTheme is one of the more popular multi-purpose WordPress themes sold on Themeforest. Since its launch in 2014 it has sold a little over 45,000 copies at the time of writing. Like other premium themes of its type, BeTheme incorporates a huge number of ready made features and options, along with a choice of page-builder, meaning anybody can build an attractive website without coding skills.


BeTheme comes with a choice of page-builders; ‘Muffin Builder’ and the popular ‘Visual Composer’. Visual Composer allows users to create almost any kind of page and is extremely easy to use. Even though BeTheme is easy to use, the theme authors also provide extensive online documentation, which you’ll find at http://themes.muffingroup.com/.

One of the nice features of BeTheme that newcomers will love is the fact that there are over 220 ready-built demo websites which you can download, all available via a one-click install. What that means is that you can download a website that’s ready-built, add your own text, swap the photos and be online with a well-designed website without needing to know how it was built. Demo websites aren’t unique to BeTheme – every decent premium WordPress theme offers downloadable demos, but BeTheme offers over 220, which is quite remarkable.

You’ll find ready-built website demos for vets, loans agencies, charities, health magazines, plumbers, interior design companies, event companies, developers, car rental companies, bands, gyms, travel agencies, and god knows what else. Seriously, no matter what you want to build, there’s probably a demo version waiting for you!

How to get BeTheme?

It depends on your confidence and skill level. When you buy a premium theme, the vendor or author usually gives you a period of free support, which includes help setting it up. If you buy this theme on Themeforest, for example, you get 6 months support but, if you want support after the initial 6 months, you have to pay for it. However, if you need help setting a theme up, the best solution is to buy from the author.

If you’re able to set up themes without needing help (or don’t mind Googling for answers to your questions) and don’t mind manually updating your theme a couple of times a year, downloading it from WPDepository makes sense! Don’t forget that subscribers to WPDepository you are able to download any from hundreds of themes and plugins, not just one! Click the button below to see the full list.